Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Leigh was always creative as a child. Inevitably, she attended art school, completing her BFA with a thesis in Ceramics at the University of Manitoba in 1992. Earlier work focused primarily on ceramic sculpture with a painterly use of the clay’s surface. Ultimately migrating towards strictly 2-dimensional image making, she kept the element of surface texture and depth in her work through the use of other materials to explore botanical, insect and skeletal imagery. Collages layered with sewing patterns and tissue combined with painting, drawing and other media, developed into Konyk’s first solo gallery exhibition titled “Organized Spine” in 1999.

2010_03_22_0450Further studies over the years in Applied Counseling, Sociology and Psychology led to a more intimate focus, creating visual narratives by incorporating photo reproductions as the main subject matter into the mixed media/collage format. A dialogue with memory and personal history, human behaviour and family dynamics now inspire Konyk’s approach to her work.

Other exhibitions have included local group shows, solo exhibitions at cre8ery Gallery in 2010 and most recently at The Gas Station Art Gallery in the summer of 2012.  Currently, she holds a studio in Winnipeg where she divides her time between work and her art.

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